WHAT: Art Killing Apathy is Creative Activism – the push for justice and radical change through creative mediums. This is “art” but it is also, if perhaps not more so, thinking creatively on how to affect change. It’s thinking outside the confines of a capitalist empire, to use our minds to think critically and creatively in ways that are constantly being threatened, maligned, silenced or suppressed.

There’s so much more I could write here and although brevity is my nemesis, I will leave this “what” at that. As you may have already seen, this site has a lot going on and you’re welcome to peruse it all or focus on something in particular. For instance, a list of various projects I am currently or have been engaged in; upcoming and previous performances; my book and my blog, the latter of which features articles that have been published elsewhere (such as ROAR, Truthdig, etc.)

WHO: Me: Eleanor Goldfield.

More specifically: I’m the founder and host of the show, Act Out! which aired on Free Speech TV as well as in podcast form. (The podcast is still going and will pick up again April 17, 2020)! I’m also the co-host of the podcast Common Censored along with Lee Camp.

My current work focuses on more long-form and in-depth pieces, the first iteration of these being a film on West Virginia’s coal and fracking country, as well as their radical past that folks are working to uncover – so that it might inform a radical present and radically just future.

As a journalist, my articles and photographs cover people and topics which are censored or misrepresented.

Artistically, I work in a variety of mediums and my performances blend music, spoken word and visual projections.

HOW: Oh in a myriad of ways. Diversity of tactics is key. More can be discussed off-site :)

WHY: That’s easy. Because we have to. We quite literally don’t have time to waste – our climate is irrevocably changed and will continue to change all the more drastically the longer we wait. In this sense, the climate is not an issue but rather the stage on which all our other issues play out. In that same vein, our issues are not distinct problems that can be ticked off one-by-one like a justice check list. We must cultivate and practice active solidarity in order to address all of the ills that stem from this global capitalist system.

As to why art: well, because art is a backdoor into people’s minds. Art has the unique ability to affect change by changing the people it affects. Art won’t be the blockade in the street but it will inspire those who make the blockade.

WHEN: Now. Get in touch. See you on the front lines.