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Progress Is Not a Church

*Taken from Episode 119 of Act Out! As Croation philosopher and co-founder of the Democracy in Europe movement, Srecko Horvat said in an interview with Democracy Now on July 7th, “...we should always remember what Bertolt Brecht said: What is robbing a bank in comparison to forming a bank? And the same, I would say, [...]

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Where in the Constitution…

I would find it funny if I also didn't find it so fucking frustrating that people say things like "where in the constitution does it say...?" when they're trying to argue against a progressive idea. Look, if your argument can only be held up by a document that is more than 200 years old and [...]

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A bowling ball on a pool cue & a flirtatious bitch.

About a month ago I lost a friend to flirtation. And it's not what it sounds like. We had been friends for more than a decade before he called me up to tell me that I was too flirtatious with him, that it made him uncomfortable and that he didn't feel that our friendship was [...]

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