Sweet Potatoes NOT Pipelines

Despite camera troubles, today's action presented a bold image of the continued pressure put on FERC and their rubber stamping policies. Although the primary focus of this event was to highlight the destruction of land used to grow sweet potatoes in North Carolina, participants from Texas to Pennsylvania to Washington state took to the mic [...]

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Despair & Hope in a Silent Spring

Let us speak of this Fable for Tomorrow. The winds of change that bring our sorrow - the future gains from which we borrowed, these wells -- are dry. The arid creep - that slippery slope It's steep. Slick with oil, this barren soil - did we really toil -- so hard for ash? For [...]

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Native Nations Rise

Today, hundreds if not thousands marched through the freezing rain and hail in the streets of Washington DC in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the murderous colonial and militant corporatism used to torture both people and planet in the name of profit. As noted on the Native Nations Rise website: "The Standing Rock [...]

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