THREE LA SHOWS (Acoustic Political Rock & Spoken Word)

Rooftop Revolutionaries will be performing three acoustic shows in Los Angeles this December!  One is already sold out so be sure to get your tickets quick!   On December 1st, we'll be joining the Redacted Tonight team at the Laugh Factory to perform a couple of songs during their scathingly awesome political comedy show. Tickets [...]

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Enough ink has flowed over your jagged streets...but here goes: I can still see my dreams - scattered on the 405, where parched in the drought they stay alive - on fumes. The choking abated, I patiently waited - watched, walked and dreamed. But in a city of cars, the sprawl - swallowed me up [...]

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So, the DNC. Queen Hillary was coronated and her drones worked hard to keep dissenters in line. From shutting down Bernie delegates, to chanting “USA” in order to drown out “No More Wars” chants – hello imperialism - the DNC on the inside appeared to be a small but important taste of what a Hillary [...]

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