WHAT: Art Killing Apathy is Creative Activism. Creative Activism is outreach and change through artistic mediums. It places itself at the intersection of pop culture and politics, bringing the two together.

There’s so much more I could write here and although brevity is my nemesis, I will leave this “what” at that. As you may have already seen, this site has a lot going on and you’re welcome to peruse it all or focus on something in particular. Outside of the on-site content, there are also links to my music and my TV show. I am available for Speak & Engage-ments (more on that if you click here), or as a consultant and/or collaborator on projects, events and campaigns (see what I’ve worked on here).

WHO: Me: Eleanor Goldfield.

More specifically: I’m the founder and host of the show, Act Out! which airs on Free Speech TV as well as in podcast form. I’m also the co-host of the podcast Common Censored along with Lee Camp.

My articles and shows cover people and topics which corporate media either censor or misrepresent. Artistically, I work in a variety of mediums and my performances blend music, spoken word and visual projections. I was also the co-founder and singer of Rooftop Revolutionaries, a political rock band born from the fight against capitalism and all the evils that stem from it.

HOW: Well, that’s a collaborative effort. Whether it’s a project that I spearhead like a creative activism event, I bring in the aforementioned awesome activists to make it happen. The details are exactly that but in the fight for lasting and positive system change, no one works alone.

WHY: That’s easy. Because we have to. We quite literally don’t have time to waste – our climate is irrevocably changed and will continue to change all the more drastically the longer we wait. Our systems are based on infinite growth for the few at the expense of the many. We are that many and our issues are all the same issue: people and planet over profit. Whether that manifests itself in feminism or anti-fracking makes no difference. We the people have to rise up. We are the answer and creativity is how we can manifest that answer.

As to why art: well, because art is a backdoor into people’s minds. Art has the unique ability to affect change by changing the people it affects. Art won’t be the blockade in the street but it will inspire those who make the blockade.

WHEN: Now. Get in touch. See you on the front lines.