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Act Out! will soon lose funding from occupy.com
We’ve depended on our patrons to help us out in the past and now we really need your help to keep this show going!

As you know, Act Out! is a weekly news show that seeks to both educate and engage. We cover stories that corporate media won’t touch: censored and misrepresented stories; stories from the front lines of our movements to fight and build. From there, we highlight the work of people resisting and building – showing how you can get involved. Add to this a dash of spoken word, visual art and snark. Blend and enjoy.

Now more than ever, the stories of how people are both fighting and building need to be told.
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Note from co-founder and publisher of occupy.com

I’m the co-founder and publisher of Occupy.com and the executive producer of Eleanor Goldfield’s weekly show Act Out!  I’m also a film producer.  I’m writing to briefly clarify why we’re unable to continue financing Act Out!

Everyone at Occupy.com is absolutely thrilled with Eleanor’s show and with Eleanor herself.  Her work speaks for itself: it’s always of extremely high quality and requires exceptional dedication and planning, not to mention talent, to be able to create a show of such depth every week and to such consistently high standards.  Eleanor has just completed her 158th show and every one of them penetrates to the heart of the issues that she addresses.  She has the ability to see the “big picture” and at the same time drill down to the essence of specific issues and manages to find each week incisive, articulate exponents to explore those issues.  We all consider her work nothing short of truly “inspired”.  Beyond her body of work, it’s simply a joy to work with Eleanor.  She is a wonderful person with solid values, who is dedicated, dependable, communicative and obviously extremely talented.  And it’s hard to not to go on-and-on about her.

What is hard is to acknowledge that as the executive producer who finances Act Out!, I’m simply unable to continue doing so for personal financial reasons.  This is the only reason why we’re unable to continue financing Eleanor’s show.  


Lauren Taubman