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And You Thought NAFTA Was Bad…

Dr. Margaret Flowers from Trade For People And Planet and Popular Resistance joins us to discuss USMCA - what you might know as NAFTA. The new branding changes nothing for the better. The old, rotten corporate trade deal is as bad as ever. Here's how....    

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Sick of Facebook? Read This.

“I didn't realize you were still doing your show!” “Why can't I see your posts anymore?” “I've had to re-follow you several times on Facebook.” These are but a few of the various comments and complaints about my Facebook page that I've fielded the past two years. With growing regularity and intensity, the cheery blue [...]

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Our Place in the Migrant Caravan

With news this weekend of tear gas being fired at refugees incl. children attempting to cross the border in Tijuana, it seems an important time to post this segment from last week's show: our place in the migrant caravan...

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We Children of Empire

  On a jungle wall, in embittered scrawl – these words shouted out to the fall. We are the unwilling lead by the unqualified doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful   in the cradle of civilization - savage acts from the “civilized” is this where we die?   on a dirt road – kicking up [...]

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Trump’s Latest Attack on Transgender People & Women

The recent news about the Trump administration's attack on trans and non-binary rights (aka human rights) astonishingly claims a scientific foundation for their religious fascistic hatred and stupidity. It'd be hilarious if it weren't so horrifically twisted to condemn more than a million people simply because you can't imagine a world where someone makes their [...]

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Military-Friendly: Zooming Into the State-Level War Machine

It's a pretty boring drive. My friends in Sweden always engage their rose-colored paradigms when I talk about driving in the US. They think it's like Thelma and Louise or that Johnny Depp commercial where he's driving out in the desert at sunset, burying some jewelry in the midst of a wide expanse of red [...]

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