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Don’t Underestimate This Resource Colony

The following is an excerpt from the full article published in ROAR Magazine. ALL IMAGES BY ME - please do not use without permission and proper credit. Read the full article here.   “It’s the market. That’s all it is,” she says. “If the money’s there, they’re gonna go after it. And the Presidents will [...]

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US Out Of The Middle-East

Today across the nation, antiwar voices made themselves heard - taking to the streets to protest the escalation of US imperial violence. The past few days have been tense, to say the least. And even after Trump's childishly propagandized and bizarre speech today which made no mention of further attacks on Iran, the threat of [...]

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“If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it.”

"If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it." - Zora Neale Hurston Phil is not one to be quiet in the face of pain and injustice. As someone I have worked alongside on the frontlines, I have many times stood in awe of his dedication and hope. He [...]

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What Is The Robbing Of A Bank Compared To The Founding Of A New Bank?

  We are not a nation well situated for rebellion. But again, everyone and every time has its tipping point. When we look at our tactics, when we evaluate our future, we must acknowledge, soberly and solemnly, that not everyone, not every place, time or people has the luxury to avoid fighting back.   (Segment [...]

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Updates from Chile: When the Pain Becomes Greater Than the Fear, the People Can Not Be Placated

  Bolivia was too happy. Ideas that are but dreams here in the US are legislative realities in Bolivia, and that can not stand. Meanwhile, the echoes of U.S. imperialism plays loudly in the streets of Chile. You can not separate the past from the present, the military dictatorship we built from the neoliberal horror [...]

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