Last night (Wednesday, April 29th), hundreds took to the streets of DC to show solidarity with the uprising in Baltimore and to, quite literally, take our grievances to the President – demanding justice, and an end to racial profiling, a militarized police force and the killing of unarmed black men.

The whole event was peaceful yet powerful – and I was particularly impressed by the conduct of the DC police. Coming from LA where I watched peaceful protestors beaten and kettled, the police escort to shutting down intersections was a nice change.
And a good time to re-iterate that this is not a movement against having a police force. This is a movement against racist and brutal police – at the very tip of the iceberg. Furthermore, it is a movement against a system that brutalizes, robs, beats, dumbs down, holds back and pushes around we, the people – and the darker your skin, the deeper the shit you’re in.

You can not lament the destruction of private property without lamenting foreclosures due to the purposeful negligence of sociopathic bankers literally stealing from the poor. You can not lament the injury to cops without lamenting those they injure.

#BlackLivesMatter #riseup


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