Your Independence Day

  I don't wanna leave on a low note – and I don't wanna pretend that you can give hope a vote coz it's deeper than that. So as you head out or stay in to celebrate or not celebrate this day – whether you, like me, think we'd be better off without this capitalized [...]

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: How SCOTUS Just Took A Step Towards Privacy in the Digital Age

I will be among the last to defend the Supreme Court. An archaic, authoritarian council that has no accountability to the people they lord over is hardly a democratic institution. Indeed, it's more in line with the creepy oppressiveness represented by the nine wraiths, or Nazgul, in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. But I digress. [...]

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Here’s Why Those Who Care About Human Rights Should Not Care That Trump Pulled Out Of The Human Rights Council

I was a few hours late today to the story about the United States pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council. But by the time I got to the party, there was a veritable shit storm of media coverage. You have the usual suspects like Fox News spewing that it's the right choice because... [...]

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