What London’s Great Stink Has To Do With Us

When the obvious solution becomes the only solution, real change will come. Father Thames was a hot mess. From a glistening river god nestled by a small Roman fort, he had devolved into a putrid disease-carrying wretch, literally dripping with industrial runoff and human and animal waste. Of course, none of this was his fault. [...]

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The Only Bridge We DON’T Need Is The One We’re Building

Fracking operations not only represent a toxic and unnecessary bridge, that bridge is actually a backwards, one-way bridge. When people say that fracked gas and oil are bridge fuels, I can't help but think that they're either joking or making some deep, albeit strained, social commentary. Maybe it's a dig against this country's atrocious infrastructure [...]

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Fighting Absolutism With Activism

It is wildly overwhelming to stand before the doom and gloom of climate change and then feel good about riding your bike, or recycling. So, do we just say forget it? Or do we start somewhere? Where we can? It's not perfect. It's not what I recall seeing in the Utopian slideshows at sustainability workshops [...]

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Ät Skit, Nassar!

*If you appreciate this kind of reporting, please consider supporting my work.  Today in Stockholm, hundreds showed up to protest the Nazi group Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen (NMR). Despite receiving a permit to march through the Kungsholmen area of Stockholm, the small group of nazis opted to stay in a square preaching to their own choir. Due [...]

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Free Assange (Spoken Word)

  in the ashes of our mistakes – shredded bits of paper - like confetti at a funeral - someone has to burn.   between the lines lie criss cross lies - do you ask the light if it's good? A murdered messenger sent us a message - how easily tho - it got lost [...]

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The Arctic Pandora’s Box

Edward Snowden said that his greatest fear with regards to revealing the largest government spying program in history was that “nothing will change.” When I interviewed John Kiriakou, he agreed. When it comes to climate change, it often feels like I'm screaming “fire” at a bunch of people sitting around roasting marshmallows. For so many, [...]

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