#StopTheBans #MyBodyMyChoice

Across the country today, people showed up for reproductive rights following proposed and passed bans on abortion in several states. Here in DC, folks rallied outside the Supreme Court, understanding that the goal of many of these banning bigots is to take their bans to the Supreme Court in the hopes of overturning Roe v. [...]

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It’s Never Really About the Bread – ROAR Magazine

The tip of the iceberg is not what sank the Titanic. The US is not an empire in decline just because of Trump’s presidency. Our environment is not collapsing because of one particular megafarm or one particular oil company. The tea tax was not what the American Revolution was about, just as the rise in [...]

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Sick, Tired & For the Front Lines

Inspired by what happened this morning (May 16, 2019) at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC. Following the illegal removal of embassy protectors at the Venezuelan Embassy in DC, we reiterate that this is not the end. We will never stop fighting US imperialism. For the continuing fight for justice, peace and freedom. For all [...]

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A Bitter Ode To Coffee and Capitalism

bitter coffee in a white mug stained, much like me, from long days and jittery nights creamer in an overly bright container, contrasting my coffee and I - balancing on the lip, pouring into the abyss clouds of lactose free mimicking the out-of-favor milk maid, with a swirl and a swoop, the abyss turns a [...]

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