Your Independence Day

  I don't wanna leave on a low note – and I don't wanna pretend that you can give hope a vote coz it's deeper than that. So as you head out or stay in to celebrate or not celebrate this day – whether you, like me, think we'd be better off without this capitalized [...]

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: How SCOTUS Just Took A Step Towards Privacy in the Digital Age

I will be among the last to defend the Supreme Court. An archaic, authoritarian council that has no accountability to the people they lord over is hardly a democratic institution. Indeed, it's more in line with the creepy oppressiveness represented by the nine wraiths, or Nazgul, in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. But I digress. [...]

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Here’s Why Those Who Care About Human Rights Should Not Care That Trump Pulled Out Of The Human Rights Council

I was a few hours late today to the story about the United States pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council. But by the time I got to the party, there was a veritable shit storm of media coverage. You have the usual suspects like Fox News spewing that it's the right choice because... [...]

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A Systemic Thirst for Greenwashing and Order

A similar version of this article appeared on Episode 164 of Act Out! Back in 2007, Coca-Cola promised that for every drop of water they take, they'd give one back. The announcement came following some horrendous press in the mid aughts regarding Coca-Cola’s penchant for siphoning water from local sources in order to keep costs [...]

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Mind the Stop-Gap

The Left loves to argue. Infighting and petty tiffs abound – purity tests and religious-style righteousness hang like smog over so-called safe spaces, suffocating collaborations. One wonders sometimes whether or not the goal for many leftist individuals and organizations is not to fight for progress but rather to fight about it. And this is not [...]

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Billions For Bitter Coffee, Bloody Chocolate

On Monday May 7th, business and economics sites were abuzz with the latest news that Nestle and Starbucks are striking a $7.15 billion coffee licensing deal. The cash deal would grant Nestle exclusive rights to sell Starbucks coffee and tea around the world giving Starbucks a powerful global boost and giving Nestle a premium brand [...]

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