Struggle Theater (My latest for Mint Press News)

To read the full article, visit Mint Press News It’s the ultimate abusive relationship: the people and the state – the police like an exaggerated arm holding a cocked gun; saying it’s for your protection as you find yourself in its crosshairs. I mean really, it’s almost too cliché. From Fort Worth to Charlotte to DC, cops [...]

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Shine A Light: Projections to Defund the Police & A General Strike

The Sunday before Juneteenth and in the continued surge of protests and calls to defund the police, Backbone Campaign took to the streets of DC to shine a light on these issues... Use only with credit: Eleanor Goldfield/Art Killing Apathy

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Mutual Aid & Government Bullshittery (Latest Articles)

I've written a few articles in the past month about mutual aid as well as the ongoing systemic failures baked into this bitter loaf that is American capitalism. I'm including brief excerpts at the links below. To read the full articles, please click on the title of the article. It helps support these independent outlets [...]

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This Damned Storm

Grief – that cold consuming storm suffers no lack of description – is not tempered by ignorance or experience – even the most fortified succumb – as if solid stone were nothing but stacked blades of grass...   and as we flail in this wind, our bodies lash and our limbs fly frail – the [...]

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