Earlier today, activists lead by Popular Resistance flooded Congress in a silent protest against TPP and Fast Track.

Starting in the Dirksen building, activists put on vests noting all the facets of our lives and rights that would be “Silenced” by the TPP and Fast Track. Along with the vests, blue tape was also used to physically silence the groups as we flooded through the halls of Congress.

Split into two groups, activists walked by Congressional offices in the Hart building, accompanied by Press and supporters. Police intervened after a banner drop after which the activists headed to Senator Ron Wyden’s office to drop off personally written letters and occupy his office. Ron Wyden is a ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee and is in talks with Chairman Orrin Hatch to pass Fast Track, giving President Obama unbridled authority to pass corporate trade deals such as TPP and TTIP. Fast Track, however, will last 7 years, meaning that whoever occupies the White House next can make use of this undermining of our legislative system, and pass trade deals without any oversight or amendments from Congress.

After delivering the letters and making a bold statement for Senator Wyden, activists were escorted out without any arrests. Once outside, activists lined up and chanted No TPP, No Fast Track! for press and passersby.

The event was coordinated and organized by Popular Resistance. Lead organizers were Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers and Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins.

Feel free to use images, please credit Eleanor Goldfield, artkillingapathy.com


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