My friend Jena owns a gallery in DTLA (Downtown LA).
It’s a very dangerous place for me not only because it’s right above the Last Bookstore, a seemingly endless and artistic labyrinth of books, it’s also the most damn adorable store and gallery I’ve ever seen. She showcases purely “Handmade in LA” art and products, from candles and soap to wooden pipes and leather clutches. On top of this, she also collects and sells vintage and rare finds – from beautifully worn old suitcases to vintage cameras, glass and stemware, books and cards.

Last week, she was awesome enough to let me film Act Out! there, in front of some fantastic local art that she’s showing. To see the episode, click here.

Below are some images of her shop. In particular, I love the floor. It reminds me to always be aware of my surroundings – you may miss the beauty under your feet, the opportunity that you might be stepping on.

Check out the website for more information and images. Thanks Jena!!