It’s still in the heap of unfinished songs, scraps of paper, scribbled and scratched – stuffed with napkins and alien notebook pages, pushing out from the rounded edges of journals like the jagged points of ocean smoothed rocks, foreign in texture and shape yet part of the whole that lies beneath the surface.

Freedom Crusade began as a commentary on the U.S.’s inability to leave would-be independent countries the fuck alone. Given the unfolding events of the past few months, perhaps I should resurrect it…

Much like the crusaders of old, we (the U.S. of A.) take it upon ourselves (yes, present tense) to inflict our twisted version of freedom onto the world; focusing, of course, on those who would rather live in a sovereign nation without paying homage, money or natural resources to the United Corporations of America.
Our global Manifest Destiny cannot abide this paradigm of actual freedom.
So, we either loudly throw a tantrum, a la Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, or we insidiously slither through the back door, a la Iran (1953) Chile (1973), Argentina (1976), and as recent documents have revealed, Venezuela.

Both Naomi Klein and John Perkins touch on these points in their books, Shock Doctrine and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, respectively.
In short, we’ve become experts at instilling “free” markets and “freedom,” force feeding countries all over the world until they choke, which is when we let them lay there convulsing while we collect our glorious spoils. Sounds morbid, but I wouldn’t want to sugar coat anything – it would go down too easily, and that’s not our style.
In short, our Freedom Crusades are built upon the principle that where there is money, natural resources or both to gain, the US must have a friend in power that is willing to bend and break the rules and their own people to facilitate Uncle Sam’s insatiable greed.

To take the most recent iteration, Hugo Chavez, former president of Venezuela was no fan of the US, and we weren’t fans of his. He had this crazy idea of keeping his country’s oil reserves and distributing the money to cut poverty, pouring even more revenue into education and social programs. What the fuck?! Who does that?

We tried in 2002 to oust Chavez and replace him with puppet businessman Pedro Carmona Estanga, but that was short lived and unsuccessful.
So, we put on the silencer and went through the window.
Recently leaked documents hi-light the 12-year US backing of Venezuelan opposition forces in an attempt to
“Maintain and increase the sabotage that affect the population’s services, particularly the electricity system, that puts blame on the government for assumed inefficiencies and negligence.”

And as the rising star of opposition forces, Leopoldo Lopez is no stranger to the U.S. freedom crusade storyboard.
His name pops up more than 70 times in U.S. government documents while Wikileaks documents uncover Lopez’s ties to corrupt (i.e. White House Christmas card recipients) leaders in South America, including Alvaro Uribe (Colombia) and Fernando Cardoso (Brazil), who like Pinochet in Chile, have done a swell job of installing Friedman-style economics and dictatorial regimes, causing their countries to effectively collapse under the weight of blood soaked greed.
Oh, and the Wikileaks documents also reveal how Lopez is listed as a powerful asset in ousting Hugo Chavez by CANVAS (Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies), the same ironically named US government backed organization that was behind the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in 2004.

Wait…isn’t Ukraine also in the news for civil unrest?
Yep – the plot thickens. 

Our Freedom Crusades are moving onward, Christian soldiers – to all corners of the globe. No sovereign nation is safe – not even what’s left of our own. 
Indeed, if you parallel our own economic downturn with the rampant privatization, pillaging and non-regulated freakonomics blistering like boils across this world tour, it’s clear that the Freedom Crusade never completely left home.
Why should it? We have a nice hefty stock of natural resources, expanding loopholes and talking heads for sale.

And of course – what better way to shock a country into submission than by hitting them economically?
This is our specialty, our money note, if you’ll pardon the pun.
And we will keep singing this song as our Economic Hit Men march on, until – well, until someone cuts the music, or changes the tune.

As with many of my posts, I don’t merely throw out the depressive realism of this world without a light at the end of the shit stained tunnel, even if it has been temporarily turned off due to insufficient funds and too few solar panels.
Connecting these dots and diving into these realities is not a one stop ride. It is a first step in effecting change. You can’t act without an impulse, and you can’t get an impulse from dead space.

The greatest threat to The Freedom Crusades is information, an educated populace.
Once an educated populace mobilizes, it will be greater than the Crusades we fight.
The power of the people is greater than that of the people in power.
Think. React. Do Something.

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