I’ve been assisting in Net Neutrality organizing via Popular Resistance the past few months. 

Tomorrow we’ll be holding an overnight vigil outside the FCC followed by an early morning action to stop the vote. (http://bit.ly/OvernightVigil

Yesterday, Breitbart contributor and anti-Net Neutrality hired strategist Christie-Lee McNally sent a letter to DC police chief Newsham requesting heavy police presence at our protest both tomorrow evening and the morning of the 14th. 

The letter (linked to below), which was published online and pushed over twitter, is not only rife with fallacies, it is an outright attempt to suppress the first amendment rights of both press and protest. As a journalist, I have seen firsthand the heightened crackdown on and censorship of not only my own content but that of my comrades. In true fascistic form, her call for a police crackdown on peaceful protest is but another bid to not only silence growing dissent but to silence the voices of alternative media that offer platforms to that dissent. 

That being said, McNally’s letter will have no effect on our plans to peacefully and rightfully protest the selling off of our internet to big Telecoms. Our plans remain to legally hold space outside the FCC on Wednesday evening and night. In the morning, we will engage in direct action. Anyone who would like to join us in protesting corporate power; anyone who would like to stand up for free speech is welcome.

Please note: if you plan on coming so that you can spread racist messages about Pai or anyone else, you are not welcome.