This afternoon, activists organized a lock down at the DNC HQ here in DC demanding Democrats take a stand against TPP and false solutions such as fracking and drilling.

6 people locked themselves together with PVC piping and blocked the entrance to DNC HQ while other protestors held signs and banners.

After about an hour of chanting and some powerful speeches by people whose lives have been torn apart already by climate change, the DNC sent down a few people that are nary more powerful than interns to listen to protestors and respond with the usual, “I hear what you’re saying, I appreciate it. Let’s work together.” Which for those of you new to the Democratic party lip service speak, that means “You don’t have nearly enough money for me to care about your problems. Can you please go away, it’s hot out here.”

Dr. Margaret Flowers, co-founder of Popular Resistance and Flush the TPP and Green party candidate for US Senate dropped some powerful truth bombs (video below) to which the DNC drones could not respond. By the time my friend and I left, the drones were on their way back up to their offices with the request to pass on the message to Debbie Wasserman Shultz that the people are sick and tired of the spineless, corporatized catastrophe that the Democratic Party has become.

Whether or not the message is delivered, it is doubtless that the message will be heard as activists gear up to protest next week in Philly and beyond.

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