Today, hundreds if not thousands marched through the freezing rain and hail in the streets of Washington DC in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the murderous colonial and militant corporatism used to torture both people and planet in the name of profit.

As noted on the Native Nations Rise website: “The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Indigenous grassroots leaders call on our allies across the United States and around the world to peacefully march on Washington DC. This movement has evolved into a powerful global phenomenon highlighting the necessity to respect Indigenous Nations and their right to protect their homelands, environment and future generations. Now it’s time to take this to the doors of the White House.”

And indeed, they did. Starting at 10am at the Army Corps of Engineers, organizers called out the agency for ignoring the danger to both people and planet that the Dakota Access Pipeline has posed and will pose. As the march made its way through downtown DC, protectors and allies chanted, sang and danced – blending a powerful message of resistance and resolution with an unapologetic celebration of various indigenous cultures, collaboration and friendship. Outside the Trump hotel on Pennsylvania Ave. (the old Post Office building), activists built a tipi and staged a demonstration just outside the front doors before moving onto the White House where ceremonies continued – including planned performances on a stage as well as smaller dance and drum circles.

The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline is not over. And the fight for our water and our land is only growing. Today proved once again that even in freezing rain and hail, our fight is a fight worth waging – and it is a fight we can win, if we work – and build together.

Mni Wiconi. Water is Life.


All images by Eleanor Goldfield unless otherwise noted. Please credit accordingly. If you need hi-res versions, feel free to contact me.