Yesterday, activists came together to protest the TPP, Trumpism, free trade and the corporate 2-part oligarchy that birthed all three. After 5 years of hard work and dedicated action, anti-TPP activists celebrated the death of TPP with a victory march that sought to re-energize the people power that defeated this corporate coup. Broadening the focus to the issue of free trade and economic justice, protesters marched from Freedom Plaza in DC to an I-395 overpass by L’Enfant Plaza carrying signs of resistance such as “Rise Up,” “Protect People and Planet,” “Reject Fake Democracy” and “We Won Against TPP.” Upon arriving at I-395 a smaller affinity group took over the northbound lanes and 4 activists U-locked themselves to a massive sign reading “Stop Trumpism.” The protesters held the space for about 20 minutes before clearing – no arrests were made.

Over-archingly, to me as an activist, this protest was about justice – the connectivity of justice across issues. In other words, our TPP victory lap is our marching route and we will continue to fight against the corporatocracy in all its forms – and that includes the racist, sexist, bigoted anti-intellectual elitism that Trump represents. Trade justice is tied to environmental justice, access to healthcare, unions, wages and indeed income and social equality on a larger scale. Until the system stands for people and planet over profit, we will shut shit down.

In the evening, protesters gathered outside the Capitol with DIY pitchforks, torches, TPP rolls and drums to once again celebrate and re-ignite the fight for justice. Activists then marched to the Trump hotel.

Actions are planned throughout the week. Check out the Flush the TPP schedule for more info.

Protests are planned today, November 15th in solidarity with NoDAPL. More information is available at the DC Solidarity link. Note: As of yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers had announced that construction will not move forward without Indigenous input.


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