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These are a select number of socio-political articles by Eleanor Goldfield for various publications. Click on the description to read the full article. 

The Day After Tuesday: Hillary Crowned and the Road Ahead



Lee Camp: Using comedy to un-redact the truth

lee camp redacted tonight


After abysmal turnout at the polls, is America ready for Compulsory Voting?

compulsory voting polling place


Despite election day losses, MayDay and the anti-corruption movement are making inroads

anti corruption mayday anonymous


 Trans-Pacific Partnership and the proposed takedown of our digital rights & freedoms

corporate takeover TPP


On Ballots next Tuesday: How many will say NO to GMO’s?

NO GMO logo


 New Hampshire Rebellion: Taking advantage of the right to revolt!

NH Rebellion campaign slider


Unite, Focus, Act: The Global Convergence for Climate Justice in New York City

global climate convergence


Money or Voters: Senate weighs “Democracy For All” Amendment to overturn Citizens United

senate sjr19 get money out


The New Media Movement is Here: An alternative to mainstream media…20 alternative news sites!

alternative media


The Rolling Rebellion for Real Democracy 

rolling rebellion backbone campaign artful activism rooftop revolutionaries occupy









All Roads: How all issues lead to the corrupting influence of money in politics.

corruption money in politics all issues lead to get money out







Eleanor Goldfield: Reflections on Isla Vista, Where Paradise Is Not Lost, But Simply Changed

Isla Vista rampage

Media Roots – Activism: A scientific certainty

creative activism_occupy wall street_dissent_99%