Act Out!

Act Out! is a weekly creative and grassroots activism show that airs on and Free Speech TV on Dish Network as well as Free Speech TV Video On Demand on ROKU, Amazon Fire and Google Nexus. The show incorporates activist news from the front lines, fucked facts and low life scum from the halls [...]


Common Censored is a free-form podcast with myself and Lee Camp that comes out every Sunday night. We cover censored stories and people, sensible solutions and common ground movements to fight and build as well as breaking news and deeper theoretical and philosophical conversations. The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher. The Act [...]


The Art Killing Apathy blog is where I post my original articles and writings. Posts are also shared on a variety of alternative media sites.

Spoken Word

As a lyricist, a writer and a journalist, words are not only my passion but my livelihood. After moving to DC and leaving my band in LA, I was aching to produce something lyrical again. The pain of walking away from a decade-long music dream kept me from reaching out to new people in DC [...]

Music Videos

A combination of music and visuals so as to ensnare even the most ADD viewer flipping through content. Songs by Rooftop Revolutionaries. We are also very happy to announce that Folk Devils (see below) was selected for 3 film festivals in 2016.      

Album and Book Art

Here are some examples of art made specifically for a creative project, i.e. Rooftop Revolutionaries' album or Eleanor's upcoming book. For more information on art or artists, please contact us!

Visual Campaigns

These are some examples of┬ávisual campaigns launched using our network of artists. To learn more about a specific piece and/or campaign, please contact us!   #TPPTuesday #GetMoneyOut   United We Stand Fest    

Creative Activism Events

Just like it sounds - events where people are entertained and engaged. Events feature a blend of poetry, music, visual art, comedy, etc. Like this event in Los Angeles:  

Ads For Change

This ongoing project makes use of typical advertising images in order to grab viewer's attention, only to use that attention to promote a socio-political message of awareness and activism. Photos owned by Art Killing Apathy. Ads created by Art Killing Apathy.

T-shirt designs

Often times, the best way to voice your opinion is simply to wear it. These shirts, designed and produced by AKA are a loud and unapologetic stance on issues from political engagement to religion to corporate power.

Ban T-shirts

Socio-political designs by Ban T-shirts, modeling and photography produced by Art Killing Apathy, as well as marketing assistance.

Lyric/Quote memes

Lyrics and quotes are not only inspirational and thought provoking, they can be brilliant platforms for visual concepts as well. Words by Art Killing Apathy. Design by DB Art.