Below are select pieces of press. It’s not everything that’s ever been written about me or everywhere I’ve appeared in the news; partly because that would include a lot of hate and also because I don’t like googling myself. These are links that I’m proud to share and show some of the press that I’ve gotten for my work in creative activism.  



On Economic Update with Richard Wolff discussing art and activism in today’s political landscape


On Project Censored Radio with Mickey Huff: art, activism & censored stories







On Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight talking “Paradigm Lost,” activism & art.


Me v. A Republican on Basic Human Rights (The Big Picture)

The FBI’s Attack on Activists, Violence & The Path Ahead. (Watching the Hawks  RT America)


Interviewed by Daniel Falcone for Truthout


On Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture


On RT America’s Watching the Hawks 

(Includes footage from live acoustic show in Los Angeles – Oliver Stone in 2nd half)


On RT America’s Watching the Hawks


On KPFK’s Moxie Poetic with Sydni Phelps

On Lee Camp’s show Redacted Tonight


Eleanor’s image from the #LA2Ferguson protests goes viral on several news sites.

Famed AP photographer Nick Ut (best known for his “Napalm Girl” image during Vietnam) snapped an image of Eleanor at LAPD HQ on November 25th, 2014 during the LA solidarity protests against the Ferguson decision to not indict Darren Wilson in the shooting of Mike Brown. The image went viral, shared on Fox News, TIME magazine, Google news and several international news outlets.

Her first hand account of the actions was also shared by LA Progressive.

LAPD HQ by Nick Ut


Eleanor on Abby Martin’s “Breaking the Set” discussing overturning Citizens United (SJR19)


Eleanor on Dennis Trainor Jr.’s “Acronym TV”  


Eleanor Interviewed on Abby Martin’s Breaking the Set

SOMA magazine

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Eleanor Goldfield Featured in Italian Magazine GIOIA for MLK, Jr. Anniversary

Eleanor Goldfield Featured in Italian Magazine GIOIA for MLK, Jr. Anniversary

Eleanor Goldfield Featured in Martin Luther King Anniversary