I watched a train hit a butterfly.

Jetlagged and numb, my mind sagging and dumb – founded I found this creature, on a gray day captivating – airy and light gainst the dark and hard steel, I stole a moment to feel. Sounds blurred and muted, I followed this dance in a peaceful soft trance, like being lead on a ballroom floor, your feet barely touching, your body succumbing to this sway and that sway, trusting the way your partner will take. Inspired by this random encounter and just as a smile spread cross my face, a train SLICED through this space, barreling bold like the cold hearted progress it drove. Still on the platform, scanning the tracks, like a lover whose eyes got a glimpse of raw passion, I soon came to see that all I had seen had now passed. What a metaphor for life! The beauty, the strife – what a parallel to our tare through the world we all share, what a potent piece of this paradise lost, so perfectly placed as I smiled once more —

and stepped on the train.