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#ShellNo luminary flotilla

Last night, the #ShellNo coalition took the night with the help of an angel, a seahorse and illuminated kayaks. Seattle-lites came together to continue protesting the Arctic destroyer, docked at Bay 5 in Seattle Harbor till it attempts to head out to the Chukchi Sea to drill and spill. Activists congregated on and around the [...]

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Backbone Campaign lights up DC

Tuesday, February 24th. Backbone Campaign and allies light up DC!   On the eve of the Killswitch screening and two nights before the FCC #NetNeutrality decision. Share and spread the word! Please credit Eleanor Goldfield and Art Killing Apathy. These images speak for themselves...enjoy! Suggested hashtags: #killswitch #NetNeutrality #NetNeutralityNow #TPP #JeffWeCan  

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