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Fighting Absolutism With Activism

It is wildly overwhelming to stand before the doom and gloom of climate change and then feel good about riding your bike, or recycling. So, do we just say forget it? Or do we start somewhere? Where we can? It's not perfect. It's not what I recall seeing in the Utopian slideshows at sustainability workshops [...]

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The Arctic Pandora’s Box

Edward Snowden said that his greatest fear with regards to revealing the largest government spying program in history was that “nothing will change.” When I interviewed John Kiriakou, he agreed. When it comes to climate change, it often feels like I'm screaming “fire” at a bunch of people sitting around roasting marshmallows. For so many, [...]

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Humans Only Have A Few Decades Left. But There Might Be A Way To Change That.

We are drowning – literally and figuratively. We are figuratively drowning in a vapid and censored cesspool of omission and outright lies regarding the role of climate change in the ever-growing list of natural disasters and extreme weather. Although 2017 has been dubbed “the year climate change began to spin out of control,” a recent [...]

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The People Against TPP

Today, Flush the TPP organized a rally and street theater condemning the United States International Trade Commission's (USITC) report on the TPP. Just as the USITC reported with NAFTA and the Free Trade Agreement with Korea, their analysis of what TPP will do to and for our country is grossly off point. To counter their [...]

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