Free DC!

Today, a coalition of groups organized a Rally for Equality, demanding statehood and representation for DC. Backstory: DC is not a state and therefore does not enjoy states rights. What are those? Well, plenty - but most importantly it means that you have representation in the federal government. DC does not. What we have are [...]

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The Longworth House building

On Wednesday of this week, IĀ found myself in the Longworth House building in DC - I made my way past security only to get stuck in the foyer then the stairwell, taking pictures of some intense design and architecture. These are a few of those images - from the inner workings of a secret society, [...]

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Stand up, Fight back! Rain or Shine

Today, Thursday May 21st, activists led by Mackenzie McDonald Wilkins (aka Mack) of Popular Resistance protested the fast tracked Fast Track - legislation that would allow Obama to push his corporate coup trade deal, the TPP, through Congress without debate or any amendments. In other words, before recess begins next week, corporate shills such as [...]

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