#D12 Morning

#D12 - a full day of action. This morning, Les Amis de la Terre (Friends of the Earth) and Peuples Solidaires organized a geo-location protest throughout Paris. The objective: to write out CLIMATE JUSTICE PEACE across Paris using the internet. Meeting points for each letter were assigned through the website and each letter was given [...]

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From Paris with power

  I write this on my fourth evening in Paris. I have five more to go. So far I have seen the veritable spectrum of response to COP21 - the UN climate talks. I have seen the painfully stupid (climate change denying film premieres), I have seen the vehemently inspirational and powerful (Indigenous People's actions, stories [...]

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#ActOnClimate Solidarity march in DC

Today across the globe, thousands if not millions of people organized and attended marches in the name of people and planet over profit. As the COP21 kicks off in Paris, even the ban against protests couldn't keep upwards of 10,000 people from marching through the streets. And while we didn't get quite as many here [...]

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