Fighting Absolutism With Activism

It is wildly overwhelming to stand before the doom and gloom of climate change and then feel good about riding your bike, or recycling. So, do we just say forget it? Or do we start somewhere? Where we can? It's not perfect. It's not what I recall seeing in the Utopian slideshows at sustainability workshops [...]

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Sweet Potatoes NOT Pipelines

Despite camera troubles, today's action presented a bold image of the continued pressure put on FERC and their rubber stamping policies. Although the primary focus of this event was to highlight the destruction of land used to grow sweet potatoes in North Carolina, participants from Texas to Pennsylvania to Washington state took to the mic [...]

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Break-Fast. Literally.

This morning, activists with Beyond Extreme Energy plus partnering groups and individuals broke their 18 day fast outside of FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission). Their fast represents a ramp up of action aimed at FERC's wild disregard for people or planet. At the event, activists, fasters, faith leaders, and people from fracked communities came up [...]

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