The Only Bridge We DON’T Need Is The One We’re Building

Fracking operations not only represent a toxic and unnecessary bridge, that bridge is actually a backwards, one-way bridge. When people say that fracked gas and oil are bridge fuels, I can't help but think that they're either joking or making some deep, albeit strained, social commentary. Maybe it's a dig against this country's atrocious infrastructure [...]

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Lock Down at DNC HQ

This afternoon, activists organized a lock down at the DNC HQ here in DC demanding Democrats take a stand against TPP and false solutions such as fracking and drilling. 6 people locked themselves together with PVC piping and blocked the entrance to DNC HQ while other protestors held signs and banners. After about an hour of [...]

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Pancakes Not Pipelines

Today at FERC, Beyond Extreme Energy organized a pancake protest. Yep, environmental activist Tim DeChristopher and award-winning documentary film-maker Josh Fox were dressed in aprons, chefs hats and stood behind a solar powered grill cooking up some flapjacks for FERC employees and activists. Why? The Holleran family farm is one of the latest victims of [...]

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Frack Off!

Today, activists launched two separate actions against the fracking industry. First, protestors stood up at the monthly FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) meeting to protest the Commission's blatant rubber stamping of big oil and gas projects, specifically new pipelines and the export terminal at Cove Point. Protestors were taken out of the meeting after voicing [...]

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As part of a week and a half long action, Beyond Extreme Energy is occupying, or rather FERCupying the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) demanding alternatives and answers to their heavy handed greenlighting of fracking sites, pipelines and plants. Today, Thursday May 28th, activists showed no signs of fatigue or lack of creativity as they set [...]

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