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Why Bother (or why I froze my ass off outside the FCC last night)

Let me preface this post by saying that it may ramble slightly - an hour of sleep isn't my ideal for composing literary works. That being said, it is also therefore honest, present and without the hesitation that comes with rest and time.   I'm tired. I'm uncomfortable. My ass is numb and my nose [...]

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Telecom Prom protest

Today across the country people showed up at Verizon stores to protest the selling off of our open internet to big Telecoms. Several protests included marches to Congressional offices to demand that Congress stop the FCC vote happening next Thursday, December 14th. The day of action, organized by a Team Internet coalition, highlighted the fact [...]

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Access Denied. Please Pay Up.

Today, the FCC released the text of its proposal to gut Net Neutrality. As reported by The Hill: "The commission voted along party lines Thursday to move forward with the proceeding to eliminate the regulations, which reclassified internet service providers as telecommunications companies and required them to treat all web traffic equally. Republican FCC Chairman [...]

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