Making a Monster: How a Racist, Patriarchal System Allowed Serial Killer Samuel Little to Flourish

This was originally published on RT where I contribute as a freelance journalist. In January 2013, Samuel Little was convicted of murdering three women in Los Angeles during the late 80s. Already before then, he had been in prison and arrested for kidnapping and beating women. In fact, he had already been charged with murder [...]

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It’s Never Really About the Bread – ROAR Magazine

The tip of the iceberg is not what sank the Titanic. The US is not an empire in decline just because of Trump’s presidency. Our environment is not collapsing because of one particular megafarm or one particular oil company. The tea tax was not what the American Revolution was about, just as the rise in [...]

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#BaltimoreUprising DC solidarity

Last night (Wednesday, April 29th), hundreds took to the streets of DC to show solidarity with the uprising in Baltimore and to, quite literally, take our grievances to the President - demanding justice, and an end to racial profiling, a militarized police force and the killing of unarmed black men. The whole event was peaceful [...]

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