Puppetry and a jumbotron take on the FCC

On the eve of the FCC decision to uphold Net Neutrality, granting equal access to all internet content, activists provided an artful activism show of continued support for digital rights and freedoms. Not only is this a tremendous show of creative activism but also a strong display of the continued vigilance to fight for the internet, [...]

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Backbone Campaign lights up DC

Tuesday, February 24th. Backbone Campaign and allies light up DC!   On the eve of the Killswitch screening and two nights before the FCC #NetNeutrality decision. Share and spread the word! Please credit Eleanor Goldfield and Art Killing Apathy. These images speak for themselves...enjoy! Suggested hashtags: #killswitch #NetNeutrality #NetNeutralityNow #TPP #JeffWeCan  

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