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Alpacas & humans against the TPP

Today, Popular Resistance organized an event at the Chamber of Commerce as part of their 4 days of action (November 14th-18th) against the TPP - Trans Pacific Partnership. The action began with speakers outside the front doors of these corporate offices and then progressed into a march through K street - the lobbying epicenter of [...]

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Senate Hearing on Afghanistan

This morning, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing to discuss the latest in Afghanistan - of course, the most notable recent news is the fact that the US military bombed a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan on October 3rd. I say "fact" because it is indeed a fact that US bombs [...]

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Flood Congress – No TPP, No Fast Track!

Earlier today, activists lead by Popular Resistance flooded Congress in a silent protest against TPP and Fast Track. Starting in the Dirksen building, activists put on vests noting all the facets of our lives and rights that would be "Silenced" by the TPP and Fast Track. Along with the vests, blue tape was also used to [...]

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