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We will NOT submit! No TPP!

Today, Flush The TPP held the first in a wave of anti-TPP protests in Washington, DC. As part of the people's response to the official signing in Auckland, New Zealand, activists stood outside the White House holding a huge banner reading "TPP=Betrayal." There were other banners reading "Stop the TPP" in several of the 12 countries' [...]

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The 3 Corporate Stooges

This afternoon, activists gathered outside the International Trade Center to protest against the TPP and the aptly named Ronald Reagan building honoring three corporate stooges for their part in this corporate coup trade deal: Ron Wyden, Paul Ryan and Orrin Hatch. Activists marched, occupied the space, chanted, held up signs for passersby and spoke out [...]

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Today, Popular Resistance organized an action outside the Senate offices and on the Capitol lawn loudly proclaiming through chants and songs that we, the people DO NOT WANT TPP or Fast Track, no way, not ever, not today. As a Fast Track (TPA) bill is expected to be introduced in Congress shortly, activists have ramped [...]

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