Here’s Why Those Who Care About Human Rights Should Not Care That Trump Pulled Out Of The Human Rights Council

I was a few hours late today to the story about the United States pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council. But by the time I got to the party, there was a veritable shit storm of media coverage. You have the usual suspects like Fox News spewing that it's the right choice because... [...]

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No TPP, No Trump – People & Planet Over Profit!

Yesterday, activists came together to protest the TPP, Trumpism, free trade and the corporate 2-part oligarchy that birthed all three. After 5 years of hard work and dedicated action, anti-TPP activists celebrated the death of TPP with a victory march that sought to re-energize the people power that defeated this corporate coup. Broadening the focus to [...]

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#DisarmAIPAC #DumpTrump

Today, Code Pink organized a protest at the AIPAC convention in downtown DC. Interestingly enough, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee invited fascist Donald Trump to speak - who'da thunk it? Tickets were reportedly going for $600 a head so the protests raged on outside as convention goers filed in past activists calling for an end [...]

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