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#StopTheBans #MyBodyMyChoice

Across the country today, people showed up for reproductive rights following proposed and passed bans on abortion in several states. Here in DC, folks rallied outside the Supreme Court, understanding that the goal of many of these banning bigots is to take their bans to the Supreme Court in the hopes of overturning Roe v. [...]

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Trump’s Latest Attack on Transgender People & Women

The recent news about the Trump administration's attack on trans and non-binary rights (aka human rights) astonishingly claims a scientific foundation for their religious fascistic hatred and stupidity. It'd be hilarious if it weren't so horrifically twisted to condemn more than a million people simply because you can't imagine a world where someone makes their [...]

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A bowling ball on a pool cue & a flirtatious bitch.

About a month ago I lost a friend to flirtation. And it's not what it sounds like. We had been friends for more than a decade before he called me up to tell me that I was too flirtatious with him, that it made him uncomfortable and that he didn't feel that our friendship was [...]

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