On Wednesday of this week, I found myself in the Longworth House building in DC – I made my way past security only to get stuck in the foyer then the stairwell, taking pictures of some intense design and architecture. These are a few of those images – from the inner workings of a secret society, like the Masons with less costume parties – ladies and gentlemen, the halls of the rich and powerful, dark and dominant – if these walls could talk, maybe they could tell us where we went wrong – maybe we could put in a dime, make a phone call and save our times – did anyone smile at the 911 sign in the charge-a-call booth, or are we so out of touch, that shit seems prudent. Speaking of which, that plaque when you first walk in – that attacks your mind screaming TRUST IN GOD or your freedom’s not welcome here. The dark eagle sentinels under a darker spell – could they flee from their post – escape from the rope that our present wrote, write a new hope that reads: we the people, demand to be free.

Or maybe we’ll just have to start on that now.